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Client Referral Program Launch & Offer

Our clients rock!  To show our appreciation for their confidence in our work, we are launching a Client Referral Program designed to reward them for telling others what they already experience: 

  • Highest quality and on-time transcription services.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Customizable technology that complements EMRs, mobile dictation and other healthcare technology.

Our clients will receive a 10% credit based on the value of the referred new client's business with us in their first full month.  There is no limit to the amount of referrals or referral bonuses earned.  Referrals can be sent by filling out a short Google form here.

The program is easy, but you must be a client to partake!  Of course, I don't want you to feel left out if you are not currently a client, so I will offer a 5% credit on your second month's invoice if you become a client by the end of February.  All you have to do is mention this blog post.



Happy National Medical Transcriptionist Week

This week we celebrate medical transcriptionists, who play a vital and fundamental role in healthcare documentation.

Our dedication and attention to detail is integral in keeping patients safe and impact physician revenue by creating quality and timely documentation.

Source:  Advance for Health Information Professionals

Have a great week!


What You Need To Know - EMRs

Did you know

Not all EMRs are able to export demographics or import medical records from your medical transcription service?  Upon purchase, your EMR must have an interfacing component, even if it isn't used immediately.  When researching your EMR, be sure that lab results, radiology and transcription are able to be imported into your new system. 


Many practices, clinics, hospitals are assured they can do their own transcription and save tons in transcription costs.  This is a fallacy.  Our clients have actually lost money as the time it takes to document a simple visit lends itself to the focus being on the computer instead of the patient and billable hours take a hit from seeing less patients.  

We are working with a client who has an EMR and after having it for some time is coming back to dictation/transcription for documentation because the EMR is lacking.  In order to document patient encounters the way the physician would like, he would have to fork out $3800 to $5000 plus a monthly fee for interfacing HL7.  To add to that, his EMR vendor needs to switch him over to another system due to Meaningful Use Stage 3 issues as the current EMR is no longer compatible.  


Plan B with this client is dictating via his cell phone and then doing a copy/paste into his EMR via our software platform (for billing, tracking line counts and transcriptionists).  

We believe and have found that working with the EMR companies (although is not easy at times) in providing a blended approach, using both the EMR in combination with transcription, is most beneficial to the practices' bottom line and most of all patient care.  

We want to partner with you in providing your patients appropriate documentation while making the physicians' lives easier.  Want to know more?  See what we have to offer.  


Obamacare Humor

The American Medical Association has weighed in on the new healthcare package. 

The allergists were in favor of scratching it, but the dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.

The gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve.

Meanwhile, obstetricians felt certain everyone was laboring under a misconception, while the ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted. Pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!” while the pediatricians said, “Oh, grow up!”

The psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while the radiologists could see right through it. Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing, and the internists claimed it would indeed be a bitter pill to swallow.

The plastic surgeons opined that this proposal would “put a whole new face on the matter”. Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas, and those lofty cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.

The podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.

In the end, the proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision up to the assholes in Washington.

Credit:  Fellow MT.


What Sets Us Apart

There are so many medical transcription companies out there. How do you choose the one for your practice, clinic or hospital?  All medical transcription companies tout the same high accuracy, quick turnaround, etc.  Those qualities in a medical transcription service provider (MTSO) should be an absolute given because you're producing documentation for a patient.

Setting Just My Type Transcription apart from other medical transcription service providers is easy.  All companies focus on the same perks, what physicians need to hear, industry standards.  The proof is truly in the end product, and not all transcription companies and/or medical transcriptionists produce or care to produce accurate reports.

Here's are a few items that set us apart.


No need to change your workflow or the way you dictate.  We seamlessly fit into your everyday affairs, which allows total focus on your patients.  Whether you use our platform or want Word documents, we cater to our clients.


We are producing reports at 100% accuracy, and this is verifiable in our software platform.


We offer our clients the cutting-edge software platform with the ONLY mobile application that goes beyond just dictation.

Speech Understanding Technology

Generate transcription text using software that "learns" to "understand" individual dictators.  

EMR Integration

Record patient encounters traditionally as narrative reports and/or as structured data which can then be integrated into an EMR without a decline in productivity (revenue).  If an EMR system isn't yet a reality for your practice, having months of history that will then be able to be integrated when you're ready gives your practice a head start in meeting Meaningful Use.  This will also relieve staff time scanning documents, etc.


Unprecedented setup, implementation and ongoing support, not only from us but from our software provider, Emdat.  You're never alone!

Contact us for a free demonstration of our platform or to get started with a free trial.



EMR Interfacing

Below are just some of the EMR systems our platform is interfacing with.   

As long as your EMR accepts structured data, we can interface with it.

Intergy  Healthland
Practice Point Plus
Practice Partner
Star Patient Care
...And many more!  

Click here for a sample export files

Emdat has had whole hospitals set up within a week and physician offices ready to go within a few days.  

Contact Just My Type Transcription  now for a free, no-obligation demo. 


National Medical Transcriptionist Week May 20 - 26

Our work is so important.  We're not just a second set of eyes, we're the last line of defense in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of patients' health records.  

Though our names may change, the job doesn't, and I take great pride in being a medical transcriptionist, medical language specialist, healthcare documentation specialist (whatever they want to call me).  I love this job and am grateful it's being recognized!  Read Ronald Reagan's Proclamation here.  

Looking for MT Week education opportunities?  Check out MT Tools Online.  Also, follow along and post often for some great games throughout MT week with great prizes.  

How do you plan to celebrate MT Week?  


AHDI Credential Renaming

Happy Friday to everyone!!!!

I want to get the word out here to fellow medical transcriptionists, editors, and QA folks.

Please click the link below, read, and at the bottom there is a survey for our renaming our credentials.  Whether you are credentialed or not, plan to be or not, your voice should be heard as this affects us as a whole. The poll will close May 1, 2012.

Here's some text from AHDI's blog

In response to the recent rebranding of the medical transcription practitioner to Healthcare Documentation Specialist (HDS), the CDT is exploring new names for the credentials Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Registered Medical Transcriptionist. We are seeking your input on the renaming of the credential. 

Here is a link to the AHDI's blog post - Survey: AHDI Credential Renaming  

Please let your voice be heard on this matter. Thank you, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


The Future of Clinical Documentation Industry

I was forwarded an email today from my ASP which is written by a company that helps MTSOs purchase and buy other MTSOs describing the industry and explaining reasons as to the changes happening. I read this and loved it, wanted to share.

I could NOT find the link to the blog post but will copy it here directly from the email I was forwarded:

The Changing Landscape in Clinical Documentation

In my last note I talked about the evolution of the clinical documentation business and why I thought it would survive. This past month two very significant events occurred further changing the landscape in the industry: (i) the closing of the Clinical Documentation Industry Association (MTIA) and (ii) the announced merger of Transcend Services with Nuance Communications. Does this change my mind?
Not really.
From a nostalgic perspective, these changes are a little melancholy. I attended my first MTIA conference in 1996 or so. It always seemed like a right of membership to complain about the annual dues versus the perceived benefits of MTIA. But it’s sad to see it gone and we’ll miss the annual meeting. With regard to Transcend, it has been a significant player in the medical transcription industry for over 15 years. Their management team did such a tremendous job of growing the business that Nuance just offered to purchase them for $29.50 per share ($300 million). Alas, in several months the Transcend name will also be gone.
From a business perspective, you have to wonder if these events forecast a bleak future for the industry. Are there now too few potential members with enough money to support an industry association? Is the number two player in the industry selling out before it’s too late?
Addressing the latter first, Nuance put their money where their mouth is by investing $300 million in the industry to buy Transcend. The name Transcend might go away, but the relationships with its clients and the vast majority of its employees (especially the MT’s) will remain intact. I know that the management team at Transcend is very smart, but I am also certain that the management team at Nuance is neither na├»ve nor stupid. They believe in the industry and that’s a good thing. Transcend acted in a manner they believed to be in the best interests of their shareholders, clients and employees. So did Nuance.
The closing of MTIA related in part to the consolidation in the industry. But, truth be told, most MTSO’s have not sold out. However, we just went through an unprecedented downturn in the economy and everyone had to find areas to cut back on expenses. On top of that the industry is undergoing rapid technological change and pricing declines affecting everyone in the business. In the end, paying dues to an industry association probably just wasn’t high on the list of many. MTIA did a great job for many years and we should thank all of the board members and the MTIA leadership for their efforts.
Change is a double edged sword. Kodak filed for bankruptcy, but FUJI Film is more successful than ever. Clinical documentation is not going away – it is changing. You have to be willing to invest the time, energy and money necessary to change with it. If you don’t want to do that, you owe it to yourself, your clients and your employees to consider taking the route that Transcend did. If you ever want to explore that or talk about what we are seeing, please give me a call.
John Suender, President
Suender M&A Advisors, LLC

I then went on to browse their site (and sign up for email alerts) and came across this article. The typos bother me, but the information that lies within is priceless.

Some Thoughts About the Future of the Clinical Documentation Industry

There are so many interesting, exciting (and sometimes downright frightening) things going on in our industry. We need to "go with the flow," reinvent ourselves if somethings not working, and the key to that IS knowledge.