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What Sets Us Apart

There are so many medical transcription companies out there. How do you choose the one for your practice, clinic or hospital?  All medical transcription companies tout the same high accuracy, quick turnaround, etc.  Those qualities in a medical transcription service provider (MTSO) should be an absolute given because you're producing documentation for a patient.

Setting Just My Type Transcription apart from other medical transcription service providers is easy.  All companies focus on the same perks, what physicians need to hear, industry standards.  The proof is truly in the end product, and not all transcription companies and/or medical transcriptionists produce or care to produce accurate reports.

Here's are a few items that set us apart.


No need to change your workflow or the way you dictate.  We seamlessly fit into your everyday affairs, which allows total focus on your patients.  Whether you use our platform or want Word documents, we cater to our clients.


We are producing reports at 100% accuracy, and this is verifiable in our software platform.


We offer our clients the cutting-edge software platform with the ONLY mobile application that goes beyond just dictation.

Speech Understanding Technology

Generate transcription text using software that "learns" to "understand" individual dictators.  

EMR Integration

Record patient encounters traditionally as narrative reports and/or as structured data which can then be integrated into an EMR without a decline in productivity (revenue).  If an EMR system isn't yet a reality for your practice, having months of history that will then be able to be integrated when you're ready gives your practice a head start in meeting Meaningful Use.  This will also relieve staff time scanning documents, etc.


Unprecedented setup, implementation and ongoing support, not only from us but from our software provider, Emdat.  You're never alone!

Contact us for a free demonstration of our platform or to get started with a free trial.


Medical Transcription Tools

Tools of the Trade

So, I'm working today (from home of course), and my son also being home for spring break comes in to the room to let me know that his App Redeem will be depositing money in my PayPal account.  Great!  Next out of his mouth, he says, "Hey mom, there is a cool App that may help you with your work."

I'm intrigued because he's a smart kid and very into technology (MIT is his goal).

He clicks on his iPhone 4S (yes, he has the better phone - I have an Android) and I am in my glory.  The App is called iTriage.  There are drugs names (generic & brand name) and (the best part for me) medication side effects.  I can't tell you how many times I'm transcribing for Dr. McEaty who's listing side effects while eating lunch (hence the name) and I can't for the life of me make out what he's saying.  I used this today and already scored some blanks.  There's a physician look-up, a symptom checker, procedures and blood test descriptions (although no normal ranges).

This is amazing....All in this info in the palm of your hand FOR FREE!

A screenshot from their blog:

You can install it right on your phone via Google Play.

Now, of course if you're a hypochondriac, this is not a good thing, but for transcriptionists, this is a diamond in the rough!

Shameless plug to follow -- 

If you're in need of quality clinical documentation or know someone who does, please visit us at Just My Type Transcription


Just My Type Transcription was born

My willingness to go off on my own in the world of medical transcription is in part due to the ridiculous wages for transcriptionists and even more so QA personnel.  It's frustrating to have a great MT who is more than willing to take his/her time, do the research, not focus on production as much as quality to be paid less than minimum wage.  We do need to pay the bills, some are single parents who can't hold a job outside the home due to a child's illness, or the ludicrous amount of school days off - institute day, conference day, blow your nose day.

Being a QA for an MTSO, I have seen some of the poorest quality reports generated from a renown (in their own minds) school who is all about the Benjamins. I am appalled by this. Someone did not do the research when they heard/typed 'celiac screw' and KEPT that in the report. Rookies make mistakes, yes, but I have also seen 'seasoned' MTs whose output is horrid, terrifying even. I personally have no idea how or why and MTSO would want to keep them. Again, low wages. They can't afford NOT to keep them. Sad but true.

This leads me to why I went off on my own. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I took this job with the MTSO to further my education in the 'real world or transcription.' Of course, I didn't see this at the time. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I actually love this MTSO. I have learned a great deal from the 100+ doctors I have on the account I type for. I most definitely have a clear view of the company I want run and hopefully that will sustain me.

Just My Type Transcription