National Medical Transcriptionist Week May 20 - 26

Our work is so important.  We're not just a second set of eyes, we're the last line of defense in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of patients' health records.  

Though our names may change, the job doesn't, and I take great pride in being a medical transcriptionist, medical language specialist, healthcare documentation specialist (whatever they want to call me).  I love this job and am grateful it's being recognized!  Read Ronald Reagan's Proclamation here.  

Looking for MT Week education opportunities?  Check out MT Tools Online.  Also, follow along and post often for some great games throughout MT week with great prizes.  

How do you plan to celebrate MT Week?  


john said...

Every job in the healthcare industry is very important. Whether they are the medical transcriptionist, the PT, the janitor in the building, etc., without them, our healthcare industry wouldn't be as successful as it is now.

Aaron E. Thomas said...
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John Thomson said...

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