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So, I'm working today (from home of course), and my son also being home for spring break comes in to the room to let me know that his App Redeem will be depositing money in my PayPal account.  Great!  Next out of his mouth, he says, "Hey mom, there is a cool App that may help you with your work."

I'm intrigued because he's a smart kid and very into technology (MIT is his goal).

He clicks on his iPhone 4S (yes, he has the better phone - I have an Android) and I am in my glory.  The App is called iTriage.  There are drugs names (generic & brand name) and (the best part for me) medication side effects.  I can't tell you how many times I'm transcribing for Dr. McEaty who's listing side effects while eating lunch (hence the name) and I can't for the life of me make out what he's saying.  I used this today and already scored some blanks.  There's a physician look-up, a symptom checker, procedures and blood test descriptions (although no normal ranges).

This is amazing....All in this info in the palm of your hand FOR FREE!

A screenshot from their blog:

You can install it right on your phone via Google Play.

Now, of course if you're a hypochondriac, this is not a good thing, but for transcriptionists, this is a diamond in the rough!

Shameless plug to follow -- 

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